“The more you write and the higher your standards, the more you realize that you’re fallible. I now regard WordRake as another line of defense.”

                                                                        Ken Adams

                                                                        A Manual of Style for Contract Drafting, 4thEd.



“WordRake is one of the only truly useful enhancements to Word’s core functionality that I’ve seen released in the last ten years.”

                                                                        Jack Newton

                                                                        CEO and Co-Founder, CLIO



“I was dumbfounded when the software quickly provided an embarrassing number of edits to my 6-page article, more than 90% of which I agreed with. Even my editors missed most of what WordRake found.”

                                                                        Sharon D. Nelson

                                                                        Lawyer, President of Sensei Enterprises



“WordRake is my favorite software of all time.”

                                                                        Randi Mayes

                                                                        Past Director

                                                                        International Legal Technology Association



“I was so enormously impressed, I instantly bought three-year licenses for every lawyer, manager, and legal assistant on my staff.”

                                                                        Christine Helwick

                                                                        Former General Counsel

                                                                        California State University